When a light goes out.

I believe that everything and everyone has an energy, some people have a negative energy some positive.

Beefy,Bill or Ted the Plumber are names that Paul Heath was known as by people who knew and loved him. He was one of the good guys of this world, whenever you were in his company you were always made to feel welcome, he always had a kind word and always had a smile on his face and a tale to tell. This man had the most positive illuminating energy, but sadly that energy unexpectedly and suddenly burned out, the universe is a darker place without him. God Bless dear friend.


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A Crazy Second Is All It Takes

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Some thirty odd years ago a work mate told me something that stopped me in my tracks and has stayed with me for all these years.

I was working as a welder at the time and I remember how we used to take tea breaks and sit around the crew table discussing the topics of the day. One of the topics discussed on that particular night shift was about some poor bloke who had committed suicide.  We speculated as to what were the triggers that made him to take such drastic action. I commented that I could never envisage things getting so bad, and getting so desperate and low that I would take my own life. The chat petered out, the buzzer went for us all to return to work and we dispersed back to our workstations to resume our days work.

One of the blokes came over to me…

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Where are my Dancing Shoes

Where are my Dancing Shoes



Some chinless wonder with zeal and vigour,

Has done the maths to produced a figure,

So to give me an offer I can’t refuse.

It was time I looked for my Dancing Shoes,

No Quickstep, no Tango, no chance of romance,

When you’re invited to the re-dun-dance.




Geoff Higgins 2014

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Protected: Making a Good Cake

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“Oh what a tangled web we weave”

I know I am getting a bit out of my depth here and am definitely skating on thin ice but I feel that I must comment on the recent trial and conviction of the brother of a close friend.

He went to court convinced that he would be acquitted as the claims against him were spurious and without foundation, so much so that he told his solicitor that he would not need any witnesses  or character reference as he would defend himself.

He was charged with sexual assault of his stepdaughter and received 4 years imprisonment.If he was guilty then he deserves every minute of the sentence and more, the thing that is pecking my head is this, why would a girl who had supposedly been molested by this man , years later and after he and her mother had split up, ask that same man to ‘give her away’ at her wedding. If you had been this woman would you have asked and allowed this man to babysit your child, she did. Why did she wait until now to tell the world of this crime, could it be the fact that her ex stepfather had made the mistake of publicizing how much he was enjoying life  with the new love of his life and how they were living the high life in sunny Spain. Could it be that she though that she could make some money on the back of recent high profile cases of sexual abuse by celebrities.

If you were on the jury and you had these questions put before you would you have doubts about her motives , I rest my case.

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Don’t let Radicals spoil your Religion / Wouldn’t that be Heaven


Religion and religious belief is a way of life for millions of people in the world. I am not a theologian but I guess that each religion teaches that love is better than hate and shows a person how to be a better human being.

The problem I have with religion is when it’s misused by governments, organisations and individuals to justify there own agendas. How many Generals over the centuries have said,”Ours is a just war because we have God on our side”, I suppose half of them can justify the slaughter of millions of people and claim that they were right.

The next problem I have with religion is how it’s interpreted; most religions derive from ancient text and have to be interpreted into modern context, the problem is that things get lost in translation and the original message gets lost or distorted.

When teachers of religion read a piece of text they will deliver it differently than the next person who reads that same piece of text, simply by putting a different emphasis and inflection on certain words will make that piece of text sound different and may even make it give a different message. Take this simple seven word phrase as an example, “I didn’t see him steal the money” read it seven times, each time put a greater emphasis on the next word and you will have seven different meanings to this simple phrase. So when a teacher says,”So what is really being said here is ………” it is just their opinion and interpretation on how that piece of text should read.

Don’t let the radical extremists spoil your religion; religion is love your neighbour, it’s about greater understanding, it’s about compassion, it’s about truth, it’s about respect, but most of all it’s about love.

Wouldn’t that be Heaven


Walking at my own pace,

I know where I am going,

I choose to walk a different route,

Yet you feel compelled to challenge me,

Why do you think your way is correct,

What if our destinations are the same,

Of life and deaths intriguing game,

Wouldn’t that be Heaven.

Geoff Higgins 2014

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Free the Nigerian Schoolgirls

Free the Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls


I received an email today from http://www.care2.com asking me to sign a partition, which I gladly did, to support an effort to free the Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnapped by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram.

The leader of this group Abubaker Shekau says that ‘God has commanded him to sell the girls’, I believe the girls are between the age of nine and twelve years old and this religious fanatic is planning to sell them into a forced marriage and slavery. Their crime for bringing the wroth of this religious lunatic down upon them was that they were receiving none Muslim education.

One of ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ is ‘Zakat’.

’Zakat’ is giving a fixed portion of accumulated wealth by those who can afford it to help the poor and needy, for bringing hearts together, freeing captives, for those in debt or bonded labour and for the stranded traveller.

This religious fanatic, like all religious fanatics’ miss-reads and miss-interprets the words of his chosen religion to suit his own ends and to justify his misguided actions.

Abubaker Shekau plans to sell the girls, so if money is needed to free these poor girls then surely that can easily be raised by the international community or from the Islamic ‘Zakat’ fund; action is needed sooner rather than later.

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