Will we ever learn from our mistakes ?

Hello there reader, imagine this if you will.You wake up in the morning to find that your partner has had a bowel movement in the night and soiled the bed, imagine that this is a medical problem and that it happens every night, imagine the clean up every day and imagine the stress involved. Take this situation a step further and lets say that this problem is a genetic one and will be passed down to every one of you children, their children and their children’s children, that would be a catastrophe wouldn’t it. Let’s say now that you have the power to reverse this trend and that you can prevent the genetic mutations from taking place that hang over your family like ‘The Sword of Damocles’, you would change things, wouldn’t you ?

Why then do we then sit back and say nothing when Government’s give the ‘Green Light’ to Energy Companies to build Nuclear Power Plants that have the capacity to inflict death and deformity beyond belief. Am I in the minority or is it just me that is scared shitless by Nuclear Energy, it doesn’t matter how they try to dress it up as ‘Clean Energy’ the fact  that they store the Nuclear Waste deep underground in the remotest of places in itself tells you that it is dangerous and unpredictable. Who knows how much radioactive material is leaching out of faulty containers and of what damage it is doing , what is known is that in areas of America where Nuclear Waste has been dumped they have a higher than normal percentage of the population contracting certain cancers.

Then we go on to the game of ‘Russian Roulette’ of not if but the inevitable when will the next accident occur.  Look at human errors and design faults that caused the accident at Chernobyl in 1986, thankfully these errors have been rectified but the legacy of those errors will live on for hundreds or even thousands of years. Initially 116,000 people were evacuated over a 30 kilometer exclusion zone, that was later modified to a further 220,000 people from an area covering some 4300 square kilometers being evacuated to less polluted areas, note not clean just less polluted, the cleanup work is still ongoing after 28 years. Then there was the disaster at Fukashima in Japan in 2011 caused by the natural phenomenon of an off shore earthquake, at the time it was worldwide news and people worried on how the problem could be solved. Today the Fukashima plant is currently leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the surrounding oceans and the reactor cores are still too hot for scientists and authorities to establish how to stabalise the radioactive waste.

When will we ever learn from our mistakes. There are currently 440 Nuclear Energy Stations worldwide, a human error, a natural phenomenon or an act of war will be the reason for the next disaster, how many mistakes have to be made before we realize that we are leaving a terrible toxic legacy for our children and there children’s children to clean up behind us. Let us remove this ‘Sword of Damocles’ that hangs over every family and individual on this planet and tell our leaders that enough is enough and to put an end to the Nuclear Age before it’s to late.

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Love Is

Love is the light that shines through inky black,

Love is looking forward and never looking back,

Love is your armour to repel the hurt and wrong ,

Love is your family to keep you safe and strong.

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A Great Weekend

 A Great Weekend

It’s Friday, it’s five o’clock,

Yippee weekend is finally here,

Fantastic, frantic, Friday night with lashings of Lager and Beer.

The alarm  clock with its bells turned off lies silent, castrated and forlorn.

Saturday morning is here with the remnants of Friday’s curry hanging on my first yawn.

Saturdays bright sharp sunlight screws up my hung over ferret eyes,

The cool smooth porcelain reverberates with the time-honored cries of,

Never Again !!

Saturday one o’clock, the match is nearly here,

Time to go down the pub to meet the lads for lashings of lager and beer.

All the faithful gather together, expectations running high.

Half-time pundits dissect and evaluate the game while queuing up to buy,

Beer in plastic glasses to be ceremoniously spilt and slopped,

While dexterously juggling a molten meat pie that’s burning laser hot.

Then victors and vanquished parade through the streets,

Some sorrowfully slope home, other revel in their teams feats.

Now it’s time to tee myself up for an assault on the pubs of the city,

At the end of the night everyone is my friend,

Every woman is so young and so pretty.

Silent Sunday morning amnesia of a boozy Saturday night,

Did I get myself into trouble, did I get  myself into a fight,

Did I pull a beast or a beauty,

Was she big, was she fat, was she thin,

I had better get ready to go down the pub so the lads can fill me in.

With shrunken Sunday pockets, drinking stamina put to the test,

Trying to milk every moment of this precious weekend though my body is craving a rest.

Sundays alarm is set for Monday, prepared to earn a weeks pay,

There should only be one six o’clock in a civilised mans working day.

As I slowly close my weary eyes a new week is nearly here,

Don’t worry I say it will soon be Friday and lashings of lager and beer.

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We live to fight another day, if we are lucky.

Isaac Newton the great scientist said ” For every action there is a oposite reaction ” I suppose another way of putting it is ” For every Ying there is a Yang ” either way it means that if you are having a whole lot of pleasure in your life someone somewhere is having a whole lot of pain. Well someone somewhere must have been having a brilliant, all singing, all dancing, super-duper, mamma-jomma, bells and whistles day today because my day was a shocker, with redundancy meetings, an emergency visit to the nursing home with regards to my Mums deteriorating health, attending a friends funeral and getting the news that I didn’t get the job I was after. As we were driving home from the funeral my wife hit me with a comment and put into perspective the days events, she said,”It could have been worse, it could have been you in the box”. She was so correct in her concise summing up of the situation, it made me feel guilty about my selfish, self pitying attitude and made me think about the poor family we had left at the crematorium, left to comforting one another over their tragic loss, anyone of them would have gladly traded places with me and my problems in a heartbeat if they could have had their beloved Paul back with them.                So if there is a ‘Ying to every Yang’ and a action to every opposite reaction’ tomorrow has got to be a better day, lets hope so.

God Bless ‘Beefy’



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Here we go again / Screwed

I am sitting here alone in the conservatory thinking to myself I must start being a more prolific blogger, but then I think what’s the use, who wants to listen to me anyway. Fellow bloggers have you ever had the same experience ?

I think my dilemma may have something to do with my current state of mind, the fact that my employer is making me and the rest of my colleagues in our division redundant has had a bigger effect on me than I ever thought it would have. It’s not like I loved my job, as a door to door salesman it was a job that I could do but not one that I necessarily wanted to do, but it was a job and it paid the bills. Without the regular pay cheque coming in every month any money that you have managed to squirrel away soon evaporates, having been made redundant several times in my 46 year working career I know how the story goes.The realisation of ‘here we go again ‘ is demoralising, the fact that I have got to yet again, put myself about, apply for numerous jobs, attend  interviews and then wait in optimistic anticipation for the good news that turns to forlorn despair when I receive the bad news that I have been unsuccessful this time but kept on file, it seems futile but the process still has to be done. I have attended an interview today, I think it went OK, it’s between me and another guy who gets the job, keep your fingers crossed for me.


The horoscope said I would be safe and sound,

No better future could be found.

For a golden era I was bound,

My ship was finally in.

They said rejoice this was my time,

They said my prospects were looking fine,

They said it was time to drink the wine,

I won’t get screwed again.

The corporate successes that I meet ,

Always seem to land on  their feet,

I have learned you don’t have to work the street to be a prostitute.

I look around my friends have gone,

Good people whittled one by one.

Looks like we fell for the big con,

I think I’m screwed again.

Geoff Higgins 2014

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When a light goes out.

I believe that everything and everyone has an energy, some people have a negative energy some positive.

Beefy,Bill or Ted the Plumber are names that Paul Heath was known as by people who knew and loved him. He was one of the good guys of this world, whenever you were in his company you were always made to feel welcome, he always had a kind word and always had a smile on his face and a tale to tell. This man had the most positive illuminating energy, but sadly that energy unexpectedly and suddenly burned out, the universe is a darker place without him. God Bless dear friend.


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A Crazy Second Is All It Takes

Originally posted on Higgo's World:

Some thirty odd years ago a work mate told me something that stopped me in my tracks and has stayed with me for all these years.

I was working as a welder at the time and I remember how we used to take tea breaks and sit around the crew table discussing the topics of the day. One of the topics discussed on that particular night shift was about some poor bloke who had committed suicide.  We speculated as to what were the triggers that made him to take such drastic action. I commented that I could never envisage things getting so bad, and getting so desperate and low that I would take my own life. The chat petered out, the buzzer went for us all to return to work and we dispersed back to our workstations to resume our days work.

One of the blokes came over to me…

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