The Cage Fighter

The Cage Fighter




My nose is a flat as a blind cobblers thumb,

Don’t look down yours and think that I’m dumb.

You may have diplomas and your name on a plaque,

You may have perceptions of qualities I lack,

You may have the power to give men ‘the sack’,

I have the power to put them on their back.

In this cruel world kindness can light up your soul,

So don’t try to fit me into your pigeon hole,

Perhaps we’re afraid of the very same thing,

Uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring,

Loneliness, failure, loved ones being untrue,

Perhaps I’m guilty of pigeon holing you to.

You spend your money and bet on my pain,

I wonder if our paths will cross ever again,

A taxi arrives to speed you off in the night,

You leave me alone to grovel and fight,

A gladiator fighting to earn a day’s wage,

Locked in combat within a steel cage.




Geoff Higgins 2014


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